Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So we should have been studying....

Unlike Julie I am not done with finals.  I have one more week until finals so i should be studying.  My roommates and i decided we were tired of studying so we I taught them how to make flowers.

                                                  Stephanie's flower headband

 Alyssa's flowers on bobby pins 
 Ashlee's flower in progress
 Imagine Ashlee's flowers with a feather behind.

Flower making is always better than studying!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Hit the books...because they don't hit back!

"Hit the books...because they don't hit back!"
       -Easy A

It is now that lovely time in the semester when every seat in the library is taken, people across campus have their noses in their books and some can even be seen pulling out their hair. Yes, my friends, finals week is here, and I will definitely be hitting the books and praying they don't hit back!

Our fun sewing adventures will be back soon, but for now I will be trying to cram every last bit of Physiology information into my poor little brain!

Wish us luck on finals!!